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Soothing lullabies from around the world to help your young ones sleep are available from Earth Mother Productions. We're located in Tucson, Arizona, and market our songs nationwide and internationally through major online retailers.

Pamala Ballingham

Our founders, Pamala and Tim Ballingham, are the creative and vibrant force behind Earth Mother Productions. Our first music came out in the 1980s when we began focusing on children's lullabies. We received rave reviews and continue to garner critical acclaim today. Albums originally produced on cassette tapes are now available on CDs and in digital formats.

Lullabies endure because they are fundamentally necessary, intimate and universal. They are our first love songs. Our beautiful lullabies, translated into English, come to you from many cultures of the world and represent the depth of the human heart. Watch for Pamala’s new book, Tributaries: A Book of Poetry, to be released in the autumn of 2018.

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