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The Poetry of Pamala Ballingham

"Tributaries," a book of poems by Pamala Ballingham is about to be released soon. Let the author take you on a journey with her words and illustrations. She elegantly describes the deep feelings of grief and loss, the wealth of nature in our backyards, and the profundity of deep, abiding love.

Book Description - Book Release Date: October 16, 2018

The human senses, though finely tuned to observe, cannot comprehend the vastness of life. To go beyond our limitations, we must experience the world through feeling. The cover of our book, "Tributaries," is from a painting by Pamala.

This collection deftly describes the wonders of the universe; from the tentative movements of a fledgling bird to the unfathomable cosmic ocean above. Taken together, Pamala's poems reveal the many textures of a contemplative, yet engaged life. These poems offer a glimpse into the intangible, in a way that only poetry can.

ISBN: 0-922104-36-0


Tributaries - A Book of Poetry


climb the high stairs
and cast the fetters off
while there is still time, this time.
Have we an idea
how long this has waited?

The cycle is wide,
circling beyond deep spaces of blue,
and this house,
with windows scratched
and doors slanting off their hinges,
stands by.

Often now it seems incomplete
with rooms still in the making,
as we who live here
slowly work the edges outward
and from rough and stained
to a kind of smooth.

The old place has a low little door
to the long haul
that opens to the air at the end,
which moves within this wideness now
that always was-and so we see, sometimes.


"Pamala Ballingham has a unique quality that allows her to join heart and mind in a way we can all resonate with. For her, mind becomes a vehicle for the heart to sing its songs in a language that penetrates to the very core of the listener. Her poems are genuine heart-to-heart communication, imbued with a deep spirituality that brings us face to face with the great mystery of being. I find myself savoring them, digesting them, then going back for another serving!"

— Upasaka Culadasa (John Yates, Ph.D.), Author of "The Mind Illuminated"

"Pamala Ballingham’s work makes a significant contribution to the Great Work of our time – in these poems, she listens to the hidden voices of the world and sings them back in intimate and beautiful words that bring us into deeper connection with all of life."

— Lyanda Fern Lynn Haupt, Author of "Mozart’s Starling, and Crow Planet"

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